Friday, August 24, 2007

One Qustion

In his recent speech to the Vetrans of Foreign Wars, presidnet Bush finally did what liberals have been doing for years, and compared Iraq to Viet Nam, but in one of the most bald-faced lies of his adminstration to date (and that's saying someting) he said that Viet Nam had been worth fighting, that withdrawl had led to millions of deaths in Cambodia, and that withdrawl from Iraq would do the same. The message was clear: as long as he is president America is not leaving Iraq.

I've got one question for Mr. Bush: if Viet Nam was so worth fighitng, why didn't you go and fight it yourself?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Speak to a viet nam veteran and he will confirm that the slaughter of millions of Cambodians was directly related to the U.S. pullout from Viet Nam. My veteran has been saying that for a long time. Just as failing to confront Stalin after WWII led to the slaughter of 20,000,000 in the USSR. Do your research before you accuse the Pres. of a "bald-faced" lie.

8:58 AM  
Blogger M.A. Cramer/Valgard said...

I'll sya it again. Bald faced lie. The millions of cambodians murdered in the killing fields were not murdered because of a US pullout (from a place where, officially, they weren't even in). And, in fact, it was the Viet Namese republic that stepped in and stopped the killings when they invaded Cambodia in 1979.

4:48 AM  

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