Thursday, September 06, 2007

Hsu Are You?

So think on this for a minute: Norman Hsu, the democratic fundraiser tied to Hillary Clinton and facing fellony grand theft charges, was a no show in court the other day and is apparently on the lam. But what if he is found dead in Alamo Park, a revolver near his right hand and no suicide note? What then? Sander still believes Hillary had Vince Foster killed. So do lots of Republicans. Would it surprise you if she had Norman Hsu rubbed out? Might he not know something that necesitates his being terminated? Or not. Sander's also convinced that the Bush's have had a dozen people assassinated, including Paul Welstone and others. Would you put it past Carl Rove to knock Hsu off and then try to pin it on Hillary by staging it to be errilly reminiscent of Foster's death? And what if Norman Hsu actually commits suicide?! A worst case scenario. Hardly anybody would belive it. They'd try to pin it on Hillary, while Hillary would float the suggestion that it was Rove, and none of us would ever know. Let me tell you: she better hope he turns up looking for assylum in Shanghai within the next week.


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