Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Fuck the Poor

David Cross does this great riff about how much he hates batty little old ladies who leave millions of dollars to their pets. He considers them to be the most vile people on earth, and insists that their wills should always end with "p.s. Fuck the poor." (yes, I'm aware that Hunter Thompson first attributed that quote to Nixon, but that's another tale).

As if we needed confirmation that she was going to rot in Hell for all eternity, the lead story in both the tabloids this morning was that Leona Helmsley left 12 Million dollars to her disgusting little rat dog, while leaving nothing to her grandchildren. The post was priceless, they had a picture of the late Queen of Mean holding the walking mop with the headline "Rich Bitch." It's one of the best Post front pages ever. David Cross should be called in to pound the final nail in Leona Helmsley's coffin.


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