Friday, September 15, 2006

I told you so

So I see the Pope has insulted the entire Muslim faith. He quoted a 14th Century Byzantine emperor in a debate over Islam. Remember, this was an empire that had stood for 1000 years (actually 2000 when you note that it was actually the re-located Roman empire) that was about to be destroyed by the Ottoman Turks. He didnt' have a lot of nice things to say. He spoke in the spirit of the Crusaders (who, yes, had sacked his capital, but none the less he was calling to his aid). He said Islam was, basically, repressive and evil.

This is what you get when you elect the Grand Inquisitor Pope.

And leave us not forget that, within Catholic doctorine, the pope is infallible: therefore what he says must be taken as doctorine by all good catholics.

Remember that: all Muslims are evil. Now go sew a cross on your chest.

Makes me glad I'm a Unitarian.


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