Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Five Questions for Mayor Bloomberg

I don't know if I'll get a chance between now and election day, but here are some questions I would like to ask our mayor before I vote.

1.) The residents of the city voted for term limits twice, yet you got the city council to overturn them so you could run again. Isn't your campaign thwarting the will of the voters, and what does this say about your respect for democracy?

2.) You are the richest man in New York: how can you understand the needs of average Joes like the bus-driver from Brooklyn or the carpenter from Queens.

3.) You made your fortune servicing Wall Street, and you hold your business acumen up as an asset, but given Wall Street's culpability in the current financial crisis, are you part of the problem?

4) On Meet the Press you said you did not want to take away people's legally obtained guns, but then you voiced support for an assault weapons ban, which would do exactly that. You said you were only interested in stopping the trafficking of illegal guns, yet then voiced opposition for the Thune Amendment, which had nothing to do with illegal guns. Given the inconsistencies and the obvious contradictions in your statement, why should we trust you on this issue?

5.) A blogger quoted in AM New York said that what scares him about you is your need to control everything, including people: what is your understanding of the term "nanny state", and given your stated positions on trans-fats, smoking, and sodas, aren't you trying to control people, telling them how to live their lives and how to raise their children? And how is this not elitist?

They are certainly answerable questions, but I'd like to hear him do so.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

so was it Mayor Bloomberg who sent operatives to the Reno Gun Show to purchase guns "illegally" and then make a media circus of it? I think so....either that, or the NYAG. Both of them should stay on the other left coast.

7:57 AM  

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