Monday, September 14, 2009


Perhaps the biggest, most startling news I've seen this year. Far scarier than anything Glen Beck or Sarah Palin have come up with: Philadelphia is shutting down it's libraries. Permanently. You think the battle is health care? This is the most shocking sign yet that the progressive agenda is failing. Libraries!? How can you have a society without libraries? I know that people don't read anymore. I know that everyone (erroneously) believes that everything you might need to read is on the internet--or else you can buy it at Barnes and Nobles. But what kind of society is a society without free public libraries? One wherein only those who can afford to purchase books can read them? I'll tell you what kind: a kind wherein only the rich have any sort of real power. Because knowledge is power, and Wikipedia and Google combined don't make up the amount of knowledge available to you through the public library, and until every book every printed is available online for free, they never will. A public library is an indispensable part of a free society. This is a tragedy of truly epic proportions. And those responsible should be run out of town on rails.


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