Wednesday, September 02, 2009


Ok, Now I'm am confused.

Apparently, some conservatives, who just a month ago were complaining that President Obama is a god-less secularist, are now sounding the alarm that he is a theocrat. That's right, that he is using invoking God to support his health-care policy. Now this is the ultimate hypocrisy. We just had eight years of a conservative president who invoked God at every turn, who said God guided his decisions, who flaunted his faith at every turn, and who (worst of all in the long run) painted the conflict with Al Queda as a holy crusade. Now we have a president who has said that his faith leads him to believe that it is his duty to care for the sick (read universal health care) and this is somehow out of bounds.


First of all this "my faith is the only faith" has led to more misery than any other single cause on the planet. Including oil. Secondly, they don't get to have it both ways. And third, what have they got against healing the sick??? Are they caying Christ WOULDN'T heal the sick? That it not the duty of every christian tolook after his fellow man?

Once again this proves it is not about faith with these people or even ideology. It is certainly not about what is best for America. It is about money and power, just like always.


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