Saturday, July 11, 2009

Oh, and while you are at it....

Here is the stupidest headline I've ever seen on AOL:

"Obama asks Africa to end tyranny, corruption." It makes you wonder if he added "Pretty Please?"

The actual headline to the AP story was a bit more forceful. AOL of course always looks for a stupid way to get get people to click on a news item, like saying "Harry Potter Star Busted For Drugs," without saying who, and then when you click on it you find out it was one of Draco's pals, whose character you couldnt' name, let alone the actor who plays him.

Oh, speaking of Obama, did anyone but me notice the nice little conservative swipe taken at Obama by Michae Bay in Transformers? The duplicitous Defense Department guy from the Obama administration who is given presidential authority to negotiate with the Aliens who are trying to explode the sun and wipe out all life on the planet while President Obama hides in an undisclosed bunker? Yes, it's standard fare in adventure movies to have some part of the government, usually the whitehosue but sometimes congress, as hapless morons or occasionally traitors. Setting Obama up as the obstructionist political hack is just giving equal time. It's hard to say. He was highly critical of GW Bush, but Pearl Harbor, Armegedon, and both Transformers movies are very right-wing.


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