Monday, July 06, 2009

The Footnote From Alaska

Sarah Palin is on facebook. Who knew. Apparently she announced on her facebook page that she quit her job as governor of Alaska because of a "Higher Calling." Well, unless she is entering a nunnery I think we all know what that higher calling will be. Sure, it might simple be to "whip the democrats," but I'll bet it more likely has to do with the black guy in the white house. Question is, did Mitt Romney write this script? Jindal gets on TV and looks like an ineffectual boob. Sanford goes down to Argentina and comes back a has-been. Sarah Palin will forever be painted as the woman who couldn't handle the high-pressure position of chief executive of Alaska. The economy continues to worry people and so does the president's plan and Romney, a former auto executive with ties to both Michigan and Massachusetts, is suddenly the Repubblican front runner -- which might just make him the next domino to fall.


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