Monday, April 20, 2009

Granny with a Gun

This story from Gothamist is great. It is unusual for New York City: Gothamist is not a webiste where I'd expect to find pro-2nd Amendment rhetoric. While it does show that New York juries are way to sympathetic to criminals (and prejudiced against guns), it also shows that even in New York a person can carry a handgun for self defense (it's an expensive permit, but it can be had). But what I find funniest is that the word is now out that this guy tried to mug. But what I find most amusing is this: how much do you think this guys life is worth now that the word is on the street that he tried to mug Bumpy Johnson's grand-daughter? There is some aging gangster out there who worked for Bumpy or for Frank Lucas who is coming after this guy.


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