Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Circling Sharks

Ok. Crimes should be prosecuted. I get it. But, like the Republicans after they gained control of congress during the Clinton administration, and especially after Bush 43's second election, when he actually got a majority, the democrats are on a feeding frenzy. And, as Rush Limbaugh did then, Keith Olberman and Rachel Madow are leading the charge now. They are whipping up the torch and pitchfork crowd like Kenneth Mars in Young Frankenstein. Watch them. Madow devotes about 25% to every show on why Bush administration officials should be prosecuted. Olberman is even more bloodthirsty. He has devoted up to half his show some nights--but not to the small fry. Olberman's mission is to have Bush prosecuted for war crimes. Chris Mathews is on the train too (natch). Tune in and watch them drool. They are like half starved rottweilers straining against their chains. They want blood.


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