Friday, February 20, 2009

In this case PETA might have a point.

There is no way in hell the forty niners can sign Michael Vick.

I honestly think Vick should be allowed to play again. I come from a land called "America" which beleives in secon dchances, and where, once you serve your time in jail, you have paid your debt and should be allowed to continue your life. Vick should not be barred from playing again. The ravenous mobs calling for his blood like a bunch of half-starved pit bulls are not out for any kind of justice. They are out for revenge and, more to the point, to whip up thier ideological supporters. Vick should play again.

But it should not be in San Francisco. It's not that I don't want him on the home town team. It's that there is no way it would work. San Francisco is the animal rights capital of the US. PETA is in charge around here. Witness the attempt to get the "must spay" law passed at a state level, the anti coursing campaign a few years ago, and the way people reacted to the death of a tiger that had killed one human being and was about to kill another. Animal rights are a passion around here.

And if the Niners bring in the poster boy for animal cruelty, they will have to deal with denounciations, recriminations, and protests outside the stadium for every game next season. Want to waste all the good will they earned by hiring Mike Singletary? Just hire Mike Vick and it will all be forgotten.


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