Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Election Day

Is it finally here?

Four percent in Ohio, Florida, and Virginia is not very close. That's within the margin of error. If the vote is close in those three states, and I mean Ohio in 2004 close, not even Florida in 2000 close, McCain will probably win because the elephants have an army of lawyers and an efficient dirty tricks machine in place. Stealing the election is their victory scenario, they've practically said as much.

After all this time and all this money and all this money and all this angst it is finally here. In the end, as Andrew Sulivan pointed out, it doesn't really matter. Barack Obama is the future of America--whether it happens now or four years from now almost doesn't matter. He is going to be president and even, if through some disaster, he is not, his movement will gain control sooner or later, because it is a true movement, like conservativism was in the 70s. Americans now realize how bankrupt the conservative revolution has become: morally, intellectually, politically, ethically bankrupt. The pendulum has finally swung back the other way. A grass roots movement of angry liberals, people who believe in working for the good of the community and the benefit of all instead of the good of the powerful and the benefit of the rich, people who believe economic justice trumps social prudery, has finally arisen and it will not be stopped. Sarah Palin may indeed be the future of the Republican Party, she may even get to be President one day, but--As with the Kenedy's in the 60s--she does not represent the rebirth of the movement but it's last, brilliant gasp of breath. Because as with the 70s, when the excesses of liberalism got to be too much for America, so too the excesses of conservativism over the past eight years has turned the stomachs of ordinary (read "real") Americans, and they aren't going to put up with it any more. No matter what happens today in the presidential race (and I'm still praying for a land slide), the Democrats will control the house by even more votes than they did the last session, they will control the senate, they will control most of the state houses and state legislatures: a fresh wind is blowing out of the blue states, and it will sweep away before it the locusts of greed and hate that have ruled us for far too long.

It is indeed a bright new day in America.


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