Monday, November 03, 2008

We Love Ya Tomorrow

In Virginia, Republicans are mailing out documents that look like they come from the elections commission and say that because of expected long lines, Republicans are supposed to vote on November 4th and Democrats are supposed to vote on November 5th.

In Ohio Republicans are telling people that if they have lost their homes to foreclosure they are no longer eligible to vote because they no longer have an address.

In New Mexico Hispanic voters (who must already be US citizens, of course) are being threatened with deportation if they show up to the polls.

In Pennsylvania Republicans are sending out mailings that link Barack Obama to the Holocaust.

In Nevada, voters have received calls from people claiming to be Obama volunteers and urging them to cast their ballot over the phone.

Students at Drexel have been told that police will be at the polls to keep anyone with a criminal conviction from voting.

All of these illegal scams are taking place in states with tight races that John McCain needs to win. They are a blatant attempt to suppress the vote and steal the election for John McCain. They are also a violation of the voting rights act, but these things enver get investigated. If you needed no more prompting to vote for Barack Obama, if you still for some unfathomable reason haven't made up your mind, this should make it up for you: these people, and by that I mean Republicans, are a threat to democracy. They are a threat to our country. They are unamerican. They are everything they have falsely accused Barack Obama of being. And this is our time to stand up and say "NO MORE!" This is our time to turn back the greedy, selfish, mean-spirited legacy of the Regan revolution, to take back our country for the poor and middle class, to stand up for jobs and health care and peace and prosperity and, most of all, for the dignity of man, for the dignity of every citizen of this country, and for the dignity of the office of President of the United States, which has been soured and sullied by being eight years in the control of a gang of contemptuous bullies who waged a phony war in Iraq to boost the profits of their oil cronies and ignored the constitution to advance their twisted ideological agenda. They must be stopped, and tomorrow we get to stop them, but only if we get to the poles in such massive numbers that none of their dirty tricks can stop the ass-whuppin they are about to receive.

It's time to lay the smack down on these guys. So tomorrow, no matter what you do, if you have to crawl on your hands and knees to get there, vote. Get out and vote for Barack Obama.

And anyone who votes for John McCain should be ashamed.



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