Wednesday, October 29, 2008


So here are the amazing things about this election:

Regular every day people are talking about the election on the street.

The new polls in Pennsylvania are known and discussed by people in the middle of a business meeting of phone call.

Today on Hardball I saw tom DeLay calling Barack Obama a Marxist. Theses people know nothing about Marxism. If they think Barack Obama is a Merxist they don't know the difference between Karl and Groucho.

I got home late tonight and instead of watching the Daily Show my sweetie was watching the Obama/Bill Clinton rally in Florida. (it should come as no surprise that as good a speaker as Obama is he is an amateur next to Bill Clinton).

This election is so big, so interesting, so importnat, so full of meaning, that it has replaced football, TV, and pop culture as the thing we are watching, talking about about, dreaming about, thinking about, caring about.

This is great.


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