Monday, October 13, 2008

Long time readers of this blog know I used to talk about sports and movies, not just politics. Now I tend to do that elsewhere, on blogs that are locked for friends or even in (ghasp!) real conversation. But I was reading column by my favorite sports columnist Ray Ratto and it got me, well, annoyed.

Hanna has long commented on the fact that while my favorite college team, the Cal Bears, rarely sell out, her alma mater the University of Michigan sells out the largest stadium in the country for every game. She loves to brage about the time she saw a five-to-nothing game in a freezing ice storm. That a college would not sell out a game shocks and offends her. Well, I looked it up. 58,000 saw Cal's last home game, a win over Arizona State. Not too shabby, but well below the 75,000 capacity.

According to Ray, Stanford won a squeeker this weekend. They came from behind using a weird offense and scored in the last seconds to beat the favored Arizona Wildcats by one point. There were 15,000 people in the stands.

And it was homecoming.

Has the time finally come to put a fork in Stanford football and call it done? I hope not. I've seen somw fun games in Stanford's old stadium, including a win over Notre Dame the last year that Stanford went to the Rose Bowl. And the Big Game is still my favorite game of the year. But does anyone else care?


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