Thursday, October 02, 2008

A tie! Everybody wins!!

Really, whomever you think won tonight's VP debate is going to be the person you were already going to vote for. Both candidates did well, both played to their strengths, both played to their parties, both are going to be heralded the winners by the people who were already going to vote for them in the first place.

I do *not* hate to say I told you so when I say I told you that Sarah Palin was going to doa good job in the debate tonight. She was funny, smart, played to the camera really well. The first part of the debate she was clearly winning. Biden, though he was doing ok, really didn't get going till the last half hour. But then he poured it on and scored big. When he went after McCain listing all the ways that McCain is not a maverick, and when he choked up talking about his wife and daughter dying, Biden scored the biggest pointts of the night. But not a knock out. Her big moments, especially when she said she obviously didn't understand how things worked in Washington and then accused Biden of flip-flopping, were good scores as well. But as Sugar Ray Leonard can tell you (and Marvin Hager for that matter) winning at the end is what wins you the fight.

I thought she did a great job. She came off as intelligent and and competent and looked, at last, like a viable Vice Presidential candidate. I'm not at all surprised. Olberman of course will look incredulous and try to say she came off as an idiot, but that's his schtick. Maher's too. I do not think this will revive Sarah-mania. I think we are past that now. As I said earlier, this is going to be decided by people's feeling on the headliners, not the side kicks. And it will be decided on the economy.

Speaking of which, a much bigger deal was the fact,a s Chuck Todd reported, that McCain is essentially pulling out of Michigan. With Obama up in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Ohio and leading by ten points over all, McCain is in trouble. If he throws the towell in in any of those states it is pretty much over.

My only question is this: what will Tina Fey do now?


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