Friday, September 26, 2008

Media Bias

It is worth noting that a few days after John McCain lambasted the New York Times for being biased towards Barack Obama, the times printed a story highly critical of Mr. Obama, leveling toward him accusations identical to the most damming that have been leveled against Mr. McCain. The number two story on todays front page is on misleading and innacurate campaign advertisements being put out by the Obama campaign, this after Senator Obama had promissed to behave differently than Mr. McCain, after a spate of innacurate attack ads had been launched at him by the Arizona senator. The Times lists several Obama ads and how they, in one way or another, innacurately portray Mr. McCain's record. Perhaps the Times was cowed by Mr. McCain's accusations--we have seen for years that Republican attacks on the media usually work by cowing news organizations into soft pedling the news lest they be accused of more bias. On the other hand, the Obama story has the look of one that has been in the works for some time--certainly before Mr. McCain's most recent tirade. And both the Obama story and the one that raised Mr. McCain's ire, about his campaign manager still being in the pay of Freddie Mac, the recently failed morgage giant, seem valid.

On the other hand, wired has a great piece on the fact that Obama's name appears regularly in the New York Times crossword puzzle and McCain's not at all.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

it's almost like a free answer, lately......for a crossword aficionado. it's the loony season!

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