Wednesday, September 17, 2008

At last!

John McCain has started to take interviews and his new ads don't feature Sarah Palin. He has come out as an "economic reformer" and, although he has to run against his record, is actually talking about the economy. It took a wall street meltdown to do it, but we have issues on the front page again.

Fox Network News this morning ran a hit-piece on the view which was actually very good. They showed the part of the McCain interview where he was grilled over his "lipstick on a pig" ad and on Palin's record, and then showed a piece with Obama where the ladies were gushing all over him and comparing him to Brad Pit. It was selective editing, and it was at a different point in the campaign (Obama was on the view in March and they made it seem like he and McCain were on the same week). The intensity over both candidates is much different now than it was then (McCain was getting slow-pieched by John Stewart back in those days). None the less it does score some points. While I think the framing is very deceptive, it is clear that the hosts of the View treated Obama were ga-ga over Obama. Now, I don't see what they did to McCain as out of line: like I said a few days ago I think they were being journalists for once and asking real questions that should be asked, but it has been clear for months that there is one republican and three democrats on the View, and the odds are in Obama's favor on that show. Hell, they fight about it when the candidates are *not* there, and the left (read Whoopie) always wins those fights.

Oh yeah: I was watching morning shows for at least half an hour this morning, but I didn't know our embassy in Yemen had been attacked until I turned my computer on. Seems odd.


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