Thursday, October 04, 2007

A true democrat

Ok, I just had to share:

Because I supported John Kerry in the last election and worked on his campaign, I still get emails from his office. They read like he's running for president, and maybe he is.

Last night I had a dream about John Kerry. He was fishing in the Caribbean somewhere. For some God only knows why reason, Hanna and I were watching him on TV. But halfway through the dream we were there with him. But we were the only people with him. After he caught a really big fish he said "Ok, it's time to announce." He handed me a camera phone, but it was a camera in an ugly two piece office phone from about 1965. He proceded with his announcement that he was running for president by doing that schtick from the beginning of Jackass II, sticking his dick in a sock and dangling it in front of a garden snake until it bites him. I can't even remember if he got the words "President of the United States" out.

So I guess the message is that Kerry's a jackass.


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