Thursday, July 26, 2007

The Death of Batboy

I am so sad!!

The Weekly World News has folded up shop. If I had the money I'd buy the name and start printing it myself. No, I never read the Weekly World News. I hate tabloids. But there was something quaint about a tabloid that was so outrageous even the most guloble idiots in the checkout line couldn't take it seriously. Let's face it: it is one of two tabloids to spawn a musical comedy, that musical of course being the award winning and critically acclaimed "Bat Boy." (Well, ok, the Chicago Tribune isn't really a tabloid, but tabloid journalism at the Trib did eventually become "Chicago.") I will miss he aliens peering at me as I thumb through the sticks of gum, the worlds fattest woman and, of course, Bat Boy. There was something truly charming about Bat Boy. His like will not pass this way again--at least until the road version comes around.


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