Thursday, July 26, 2007

Tour de Farce?

Just a thought, but if everybody is doping, as now appears to be the case in the tour de France, doesn't it then follow that noone is actually cheating? I mean, if everyone is doing it then clearly nobody is gaining any advantage from it. Most of the riders in the current generation are doping because they had to do so to compete from the minute they entered the tour, with everyone else already doing the same. So how is this cheating?

I mean, I *know* it's cheating in the legal sense, but it certainly is not cheating in the more common sense of fairness and fair play. Rules agaisnt cheating are designed to create a level playing field, but if the only way to compete for anyone is to keep up with all the other cheaters by doping, then the playing field is not level until they themselves dope. The toru de France is proving that doping can, in this instance, not be cheating but instead the elimination of cheating.

Oh, I know, but they're cheaters: and your mother always said to you things like "if everybody else jumped off the bridge would you do so too?" Well, if jumping off the bridge was what was necessary for me to keep my livelihood, I might take the chance. There is precedent for this as well. Recent traffic court cases in California have dismissed speeding tickets on the grounds that if a driver was traveling with the flow of trafic--even if trafic was flowing faster than the legal speed limit--that he's not guilty of speeding. All these tour riders are just going with the flow.

But what does this indicate about steroids in baseball?


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