Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The You Tube Election

So dig it: there was a debat last night for the democratic presidential candidtates that was jointly sponsored by You Tube and CNN. It's a great fusion of old media and new media, as You Tube users posted video questions to the candidates, who had to answer in normal speech, not candidate-speak, because of how most of the questions were phrased. But here is the thing I loved most: in an AOL poll this morning the person polled as having done the worst job in the debate was Hilary Clinton, with a 27% negative vote. And the person polled as hiving done the best job in the debate? Hilary Clinton! Here positive rating of 37% bodes fairly well for her primary chances.

But as I've been saying all along: while I think the ticket will be her and Obama, my guy is still Bill Richardson, the only pro-gun/pro environment democrat with chief executive and foreign policy experience in the race. Go Bill!


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