Sunday, June 17, 2007

Racism in the Golf

And this is not about black players not being admitted to private clubs. That has mostly been dealt with by the PGA. This is about the imigration debate and the U.S. Open. When Angel Cabrera became the first Argentinean player to win the U.S. Open this evening he had to use a translator for the trophy deremony interview. I can't wait to hear the anti imigrant forces and their English Only allies squeel like stuck pigs in the Blogosphere. I'm willing to bet there have already been 1000 posts about how aweful and embarrassing it is to hear Spanish being spoken at the United States golf championship. I could be wrong, but check, and if I'm right remember what I've said all along: this whole imigration debate isn't about imigration it's about racism--it's about keeping the Mexicans and everybody who lives south of them out of our country.

I could, of course, talk about the illegal Irish imigrants I run into every week tending bar around New York City. Nobody seems to resent them. But they are lilly white, speak English, and are usually pretty cute.

But this is about Golf, a Scottish, and now Argentinean, game.


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