Tuesday, April 24, 2007

More insanity

So an adjunct professor at Emanuel College in Boston has been fired for leading a discussion about the Virginia Tech massacre, during which he pointed his finger at a student and said "pow." It was something like "so he walked in and did it, pow." (the professor has posted a video on You Tube but I'm not going to watch it. It's 18 minutes long). Part of his point was that if a student in the class had been armed fewer students might have been killed. Apparently, he had a student point back at him and say "pow" too. For this he was fired. School administrators, who had asked the faculty engage their students in discussions about the shootings, declared his actions to be inappropriate.

Of course this is bullshit and of course it is to be expected in today's hyper-sensitive society. The first thing that comes to mind is that with the discussions we've been having in my classes about the shootings, *I* certainly would have been fired by these PC fascists. But my bigger question is this: was he fired because he pointed at a student, or was he fired because he suggested that maybe the students should have been armed? In Boston, which started an entire revolution over the right to keep and bear arms (don't think so? Look up Lexington and Concord) the idea that guns might be a good thing is seen as hate speech.

I hope he sues their asses off. This is why tenure is still important.


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