Wednesday, April 18, 2007

It just gets weirder

If you haven't seen it already, the VA Tech shooter mailed a video taped manifesto and several photos to NBC in the middle of his shooting spree. It was mailed from a Blacksburg post office at 9:01, after he killed two people at a dorm but before he opened fire in an engineering hall across campus. He actually left campus, mailed his package to NBC, and came back to kill thirty people. In the video he mumbles, stare blankly, and makes paranoid rants about rich kids. This guy is straight out of the movies, which leads me to wonder: is this really what he was like or was he just playing a Psycho for the camera? Because it's hard to believe all those mumbling, ranting TV psychos are realistic, but this whack job fits right in.

And so the postmodern weirdness of this massacre continues. The digital age's first true psychopath seems to have covered all the angles and made a splash in both traditional and new media. He's all over the internet and he guaranteed himself a spot on TV to get his message out. He made sure a network received his ravings before he finished the job. The most frightening thing about this to me is how well planned it was and how cool and calculated he seemed to have reacted throughout. And he seems to have accomplished his goal. No one was going to ignore him now. Like Cartman says on South Park, your nobody if you're not on television.


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