Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Anna Nicole yet again

Somebody said that Anna Nicole's death is the dark flip-side of Princess Dianna. I couldn't agree more. Neither the people who wept openly about Princess Di nor the freaks who are freaking out over Anna Nicole actually knew the women. They have no real idea if Di was as nice and sweet as she was or if Anna was really as weird. From watching The Queen (which is after all just a movie), you'd get the idea that Di was a selfish, childish, destructive little bitch, while the people who actually knew Anna Nicole described her as sweet, loving, competent and caring.

And now that we know that Anna Nicole died of an accidental drug overdose, do you think Fox News can finally shut up about her? No, me neither.

The post must be just crushed that the ME's report was so steadfast in it's proclaimation that there was "no evidence of fould play." They wanted it to be murder so bad they asked the question on the front page the day the story broke. Not being able to let go, they put quotation marks around the word "accidental." A pathetic, sad druggie ODing on pain meds is hardly the salcious story the Post wants. A nice Juicy murder always boosts circulation. But hte post need not worry: indictments were handed down by the Sean Bell grand jury last week, and they'll be able to exploit that tragedy for a couple more years now.


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