Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Damn Monkey

Just for the record, I hate that F-ing monkey.

Three runs in the seventh, three runs in the eigth, and the Angels beat the Giant in the 6th game of the world series. Game seven we get slaughtered, 4 to 1. That was 2002, the last time my team--now the team with the longest curse in baseball--was in the world series. All becasue of that God damned ralley monkey.

So you must imagine my joy that we've taken two of three from the Angels this week. We have another game today, but it was nice to see Vlad the impaler get struck out by Armando, of all people. But it's hardly revenge. Winning the series would be the only revenge.

It looks as though, just perhapes, God has sent us some pitching.

I'm going to Cali this week. I doubt I'll get to any games, but the As vs. Giants series will be going on. Might be fun.


Anonymous Alex S. said...

I've been trying to hunt you down to ask you something for a week now, and so this is the last resort. If you would, please email me at whenever you get a free minute.

Have fun in California, nonetheless.

10:38 PM  

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