Sunday, June 04, 2006

The Gay Marraige Card again?

The republicnas are out of ideas.

Faced with the poll numbers that just keep going down, President Bush today fell back on his biggest domestic issue: religiously inspired bigotry, the issue that won him the presidency in the last election, Gay Marraige. With Democrats continuing to gain ground in their quest to take back the house, Bush is using the big bogey-man of Bill kissing Chuck to inspire his base and head off what republicnas see as a disaster worse than 9/11: a democratically controlled house of congress. Bush has a real stake in this. It's not in getting legislation passed. He has a genuine, well founded fear that he could be impeached if the Dems gain control of the House. He knows what he's done, and he needs the protection of a Republican House.

The base needs as much shoring as a New Orleans levee. Jim Dobson came out and warned the president that, if the Republicans didn't start serving "the people who got them elected," they'd pay at the ballot box in November.

So let's go after the fags. It worked last time. Nobody wants to see gays kissing, and we all know they shouldn't be raising children. Several swing states have anti Gay marraige initiatives on the ballot, another effort to get out the biggot vote. And now the Preisdent's message is clear: the only way to protect traditional marraige is to return a republican congres to the house and give them a super majority so they can pass this amendment (and head off any filibuster at the same time). That ain't likely to happen, but if enough people think it will then maybe they can keep the war going and do away with Social Security.

Of course it's completely cynical. It's cynical because he knows it won't pass the Senate, and its cynical because in his version it's just semantics (he still favors civil unions, thich are or aren't the same thing, depending on which side of the debate you're on). This has nothing to do with Gay Marraige and everything to do with the midterm elections.

Here's what the Democrats should say, over and over again like those droning Republican spin doctors you see on Sunday mornings: "The American People are smarter than that...The American People are smarter than that...The American People are smarter than that..."

And they are. If you point it out to them, people will see that this is all just a cynical ploy for the republicans to hold onto power. Enough of them have read What's the Matter with Kansas by now to recognize the bait and switch when they see it. At least I hope so.

Because otherwise it will probably work.


Anonymous Christopher Scott said...

Saddly the fact is that people are stupid enough to keep accepting this sort of lie, because they want to. You know, from your own life that people want to believe the easy thing, not the true thing.

11:03 AM  

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