Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Happy Birthdays

Britain celebrated the Queen's 80th Birthday this weekend. It was in all the British papers. She actually turned 80 back in April, but the 17th was the official holiday. The time even printed the seating chart and menu from her birthday dinner. A good time was had by all.

The next day marked a much more important birthday. Paul McCartney turned 64. all the papers covered it, and with good reason. When he was 24 McCartney famously asked what his love life would be like forty years hence, would his true love still love him when he's 64? The song was an upbeat and hopeful plea for life-long happiness and true love. We now have an answer to Paul's question. Paul's true love Linda would indeed have needed him, fed (feeded) him, sent him valentines and bottles of wine (Does Paul Drink? I don't know). Theirs was one of the great story-book romances of their generation. For their entire marriage they never spent more than one night apart from one another. But Linda's dead. She didn't make it to Paul's 64th birthday, and he's involved in a divorce from his second wife (that is likely not as nasty as the British tabloids make it out to be). So at 64 McCartney does indeed know the answer to his question. At 64 Paul is alone, and that is one of saddest things I have ever seen or heard.


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i agree very sad indeed.


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