Friday, March 03, 2006

A Sermon on Brokeback Mountaint

So a Christian group, The Center for Reclaiming America for Christ (and isn't that the most offensive thing you've heard today?) wrote a letter to the MPAA signed by 61,000 Christians protesting Brokeback Mountain. They say their mission is “positively affecting the culture and renewing the vision of our Founding Fathers.” Obviously they've never read Jefferson. Or Franklin. No matter. Another story I came accross noted that Michelle Williams' old school, the Solana Beach Santa Fe Christian School, wants nothing to do with her since she stared in a movie they claim "promotes the homosexual lifestyle."

But perhaps the most interesting thing about the two news stories I picked up on was the sources. The first one came from "The Christian Post." The second, from "" In other words, they were from news sources that aren't really news sources, faux news sources that have their own agendas to promote. Of course, if you agree with Hunter Thompson, there's no such thing as objectgive journalism and we all have axes to grind


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