Friday, February 24, 2006

Any Port in a Storm

This morning I caught a speech by our president. He is in full campaign mode (he's a much better campainger then a president--something you shouldrebel expect from someone who was the head cheerleader at his prep-school). He said that the terrorists are sneaky. That they are determined. That they seek to frighten us because they cannot beat us on the battlefield (at least that shows he understands terrorism 101). He said America is determined. He said we will perservere. He said exactly the same things he's been saying for the past five years. He's like a broken record: "9/11! 9?11! 9/11!" It's like a parrot beggin for a cracker in the form of a vote. That is his version of spin. He had to go on the offensive. His ratings are very low, his vice president just shot somebody, his own whitehouse had to eat crow over Katrina, he's asking for more money for the war (the actual reason for his speech, I think: I couldn't quite figure it out), and there are midterm elections coming up. The ports deal made him look weak on terrorism--the one strength he has always beena ble to rely upon. He has to make a speech like this to take back his high ground. He can't let democrats look stronger then him. By the way, I love his answer to the challenge on the ports sale. People raised concerns on this deal and his answer was the same as always: "Trust me." That's it. That's his answer. We, his collective employer, the American people, have a real fear that this ports deal could open us up to nuclear attack and we want assurances that this deal is safe, and he says "trust me." He actually said "people don't need to worry about security." Well I got news for him: people are worried about security and that's the only reason why he's still president. And he gets up and makes a speech today about how the terrorists are more determined then ever, yet just yesterday he said "don't worry about security." Ok: so here's what I am worried about, me who lives in New York City, had my classroom destroyed in 9/11, and am a constant target. I'm worried about a president who says "trust me." I'm worried about a president who (a) signs off on a deal giving controll of some of our ports to the government of Dubai without telling anybody this is happening, (b) sings off on an illegal wiretapping scheme without consulting congress, (c) maintains that congress has no role or authority in the iraq war, (d) endorses torture--until it gets out in the press, (e) shows complete contempt for congress, the courts, the various departments of the executive branch, checks and ballances, and the constitution in general. He reminds me of Richard Belzer doing Nixon in "The Groove Tube: Announcer: "The president to day had this to say:" Belzer: "I'm in command! I'm in the driver's seat! I'm the fucking President!"


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