Friday, March 03, 2006

Spread the Word!

We need authors who want to publish their books. We need companies who want to produce catalogues at a great price! Students who want to print up their papers. Send them all to

Out in foggy San Fran they are trying to ban open field coursing. Write the legislature. Deluge them with letters. These animal rights whackos are getting out of control!!

No fan of Howard Stern myself, I am none the less outraged by Leslie Moonves lawsuit against the King of All Media. For fourteen months Moonves was happy to have Howard Stern on his show, even though he had signed a contract to work with Sirius Satellite Radio once his contract at CBS was up. He made tons of money off of Howard while Howard promoted his move to satellite. Never once did he say “Howard, you can’t do this” or “Howard, you’re under contract to us,” or “Howard, don’t go.” Now that Stern is on Sirius and CBS’s morning programming is tanking, Moonves is suing Stern, claiming that he hurt CBS’s business by promoting his move to Satellite on the air, and that he violated his contract by jumping ship in the first place. The suit is for damages in excess of $600 Million dollars. Moonves knows that Howard moving to Satellite was the coming out for that industry, and that he can destroy satellite radio if he wins this lawsuit. At any time he could have said “Howard, you can’t do this,” but instead he waited, knowing that if he did so e could sue for hundreds of millions of dollars and put both Howard and Sirius out of business. He is lower then whale turds, and those are at the bottom of the ocean. I can just hear him now, after 14 months, “I am shocked, shocked! To find there is gambling going on in this establishment!"


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