Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Back to School

First Pennsic and then the movie nad now the start of the semester has kept me from writing much on this blog (but, as I've said, Jon Stewart is stealing all my thunder anyway). As I sit here this morning cynical old me can't help notice how in the wake of Huricane Katrina the disaster relief is being spun by the usual culprits. Why does the governor of Texas need to hold a press conference to announce that evacuies are coming tot he astrodome? It is worth noting that he said he had spoken to Jeb Bush because "Texas and Florida are kind of the bookends" to the disaster area. In other words he wants to make sure that Bush country is in charge. This is a big boon to the republicans, because they weill be able to say "look how we're helping." At least President Bush's handlers admitted that he's cutting off his vacation becasue of "perception." He wants people to see him running the show. On the other side, Dems are complaining that the large number of National Guardsmen in Iraq is hampering relief efforts in Mississippi and Lousiana. Look for blame to be leveled on Mississippi's Republican Governor Haley Barbour for something or other--likely "not being prepared enough"--in the coming weeks.

On the whole I think the GOP will win the PR battle over this. Their front men in Texas, Florida and Washington are going to be seen as the rescuers. And it couldn't have come at a better time. All day for the last two three there has been nothing but huricane news. Barely anything ab out Cinsy Sheehan or Iraq. Controlling the spin cycle has been this administrations main priority, and it's been hard lately. This huricane is a godsend for Bush and his people. The news media is making it so.


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