Friday, June 24, 2005

rambling musings

I go through this every summer. Going on vacation when you are unemployed is very weird. It's like you are just moving your lazy ass from one boredom zone to another. It's not much different then changing positions on the couch: just a matter of scale.

I'm away for till the eleventh of July and may not post much during that time. It's ok. I'm running out of things to say anyway. Or maybe I'm running out of energy to care. I don't know. I do know that I'm going out to the left coast for awhile to visit the family and hang with my peeps, so if you don't see anything here for awhile that's why.

But I can leave you with something that came to me the other day while watching George Bush and listening to the spin cycle. Here's yet another differnece between republicans and democrats: in order to get votes, Democrats pretend to be cmarter then they are while Republicans pretend to be stupid. This became obvious when John Kerry's grades from Yale were released and, low and behold, he was a C STUDENT! JUST LIKE BUSH! they were both right around 76. Now, it's true that Kerry's GPA was dragged down by the four Ds he got his first year, when it appears he was a perenial fuck up (hey! I can relate. I was on accademic probation my first year in college too, due to the combination of the death or our department head, many late night rehearsals for Bartholomew Fair and way too much weed).

We've already talked about Bush's charade. He pretends to be stupid because it disarms his opponents and makes him look folksy. Other republicans do the same. Bill Frist, for instance, who is not stupid enough to believe that he could force the courts to ignore the consitution, but pretended to be so he could appear to be fighting the good fight (a cynical play for votes if ever there was one). Dems like Kerry pretend they are intelectuals so they will look competent. This opens them up to accusations of elitism (only in George Bush's America could intelegence be scorned as a bad trait to have), but they like people to think they're smart enough to solve everybody's problem.

Maybe my mom is right and they're all whores. But if so I'll stick with the whore who gives me the best service.

Welcome to the Donkey Show. :)


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