Thursday, July 28, 2005

Some Random Thoughts...

I see Kate Moss won a big libel suit over a British tabloid. I wonder if she could have won in the US.

Finally! The administration has re-branded their war. They have changed the name of “the global war on terror” to “the global struggle against extremism.” And people say this thing isn’t about spin! At least they have finally caught up with me. I’ve been saying all along that this isn’t a war.

The spin machine at the white house, other then this re branding of the “war,” seems to be breaking down, doesn’t it? All they can come up with for John Roberts is “He’s a really nice guy.” Their big spin on Karl Rove is “hey, a reporter told *him,* not the other way around.” They’re losing on definitions of enemy combatants in the senate and can’t seem to control the social security debate at all. That they will win Roberts’ confirmation is a testament to his being an enigmatic (i.e. good) choice, but not their power in the Senate. So many senators are running for President—and away from Bush’s record—he’ll be lucky to get anything he wants for the rest of his term.

Can you imagine a Newt Gingrich vs. Hilary Clinton presidential campaign? Wow! What a gold mine for all the wonks, bloggers and comedians out there.

If you haven’t yet, see *Team America.* Of course it’s offensive. It savages everybody. And Oh my God is it funny!

Tomorrow we start shooting a feature film. It will be my first staring role. Life could only be better if I was actually getting paid!


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