Sunday, June 12, 2005

Dick Cheney on Pot

I got to say every time this Dean guy opens his mouth it makes me think about moving to Vermont. If this is the kind of guy who gets elected up there, well, that's where I want to live. If nothing else, it makes me wish he'd stuck it out longer, or done better in Iowa. This is the guy we should have run for president. This guy's a fighter.

But what does it all say about Dick Cheney? He's been all over the talk shows lambasting Dean as someone who's "over the top" and saying "as far as I know he's never been elected to anything." Well, in fact, he was elected governor of Vermont five times, which has got to be at least as important as being a congressman from Wyoming (I don't count being elected Vice President: we don't vote for Vice President, everybody says so). Cheney says Dean isn't the kind of guy you'd want representing your political party: well I'm a Democrat, and Dean is the guy I want representing *my* party. But considering the mean, dishonest, viscious attacks Cheney launched against the democrats in 2004, doesn't this seem a little bit like the kettle callingthe pot black? ;-)


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