Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Please Just Shut Up!

Here’s a list of people who should just shut up.

1.) Republicans who are “upset” about President Obama taking his wife on a date to New York, complaining that it was on the tax-payer’s dime, and condemning him for going to see a godless play on godless Broadway. SHUT UP!!! Where were you when G.W. Bush was flying to Crawford Texas? Where were you when he was spending weeks at a time on his ranch instead of in Washington tending to running the country? And when Vice President Cheney was off shooting people in the face, or fishing with his old buddy Justice Scalia, where were you then? All those vacations also cost taxpayer dollars. This all proves that you GOPers care nothing about reality, and nothing about governing, all you care about is power, trying (lamely in this case) to make the Preisdent look bad in the hopes that you can win back the Whithouse and congress (and have you seen his numbers? You are failing miserably) Are you seriously suggesting that the president should not take his wife to dinner and a show? Are you seriously suggesting that he should be a prisoner in the Whitehouse for the next eight years? (and at the rate you guys are going eight years is pretty much a given) Good God! You people are such assholes!!

2.) Anybody who mentions or even thinks about the “Octomom.” SHUT UP!

3.) Everyone at Fox News who is complicit in the murder of Dr. George Tiller, but especially Bill O’Reily. These people, who spent years calling Dr. Tiller a mass murder, Nazi, “Tiller the Killer” etc., now insist that their rhetoric had nothing to do with Dr. Tiller’s death. Bull. O’Reily has blood on his hands and is complicit in terrorism. Can we do anything legally to stop him? No. Will he stop? No: he has no conscience, he’s proven that. All I can say is he just needs to shut the f* up!

4.) Whiny racists in the GOP who are flinging the charge of racism at Sonia Sotomayor. These people are hypocrites. They championed Samuel Alito when he said that this Italian American immigrant heritage helped him to make wise judgments, but call Judge Sotomayor a racist when she says her Hispanic heritage and gender experience help *her* to make wise judgments! Hypocrites!

5.) Equivocators in the ACLU, an organization I normally support, who are afraid at leveling the charge of “terrorism” against Dr. Tiller’s murderer because of the way the term was abused by the Bush administration and used to justify the erosion of civil rights. Just because Bush abused the term doesn’t mean we can’t call a terrorist a terrorist. In fact it makes it all the more necessary, since that is how people will know what terrorism really is. Scott Roeder is a terrorist and is part of a terrorist movement in this country, one which seeks to end the practice of abortion by terrorizing providers into quitting. And they are succeeding, as many doctors and nurses, justifiably fearful for their lives, are ceasing to offer abortion services. That is terrorism. The F.B.I. knows it, the terrorists themselves know it. The ACLU should just admit it too.

6.) Religious Zealots preaching jihad (or crusade) against any person or group for any reason, be they Islamic zealots promoting anti-Western terrorism, or Christian zealots promoting anti-abortion terrorism, or protestant zealots promoting anti-Catholic terrorism, or vice versa. You, all of you, and I’m pointing the finger at you Ulster Defense Association, Sinn Fein, Al Queda, PETA and Operation Rescue. All of you SHUT UP!!

7.) Dick Cheney.

I could come up with more, but I’m too pissed off and too tired to care any more.


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