Wednesday, October 10, 2007

For Shame!

I tend to blog more when I am mad and right now I am furious! Republican bloggers and politicians have begun attacking the family of Graem Frost, the boy who was featured in the democratic response to President Bush's opposition to the S-Chip program. HIs family makes about $45,000 a year and has a few investments, and qualifies for the program under Maryland's policies. They've been turned down for helath insurance three times due to pre-existing conditions. The father is a contract woodworker and welder, the mother is employed but doesn't receive healt insurance. These are hard working people trying to get by, who have a child in medical need and absolutely no way to help him without assistance, and the right is making them out to be welfare queens.

This is why the republicans are morally bankrupt! This is why they have no business running this country! They employ the politics of smear, attack, and divide and unleash their guns on children and working families!

For shame!

And for the record, in Canada niether this nor the new GM contract nor anything else in this country that causes us to angst over health care is necessary--all of which proves why we need a single payer health care system in this country!!!


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