Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Big Time Blogging

Today I enter the world of big-time blogging: inuendo, barely substantiated accusations, conspiracy theories. Normaly I hate conspiracy theories, but this is fun. It is an exciting trip.

It was an accident, really. I was reading an article in the New York Times Online on Jack Abramhof and a business partner, Adam Kidan, being sentenced to six years for their role in a fraud scheme to purchase SunCruz lines, a fleet of un-regulated casino boats that opperates out of South Florida. But I noticed a small item in the text, which mentioned that the previous owner had been murdered in a gangland style hit. Whacked, that is. The Times noted that the murder remains unsolved and that there was no indication that the defendants were involved.

I've got a word for the Times. It's "Google." Googling the name of the dead guy, Gus Boulis, I got a lot of info on him. He was indeed whacked, and everybody assumed it was a gangland hit. But the Times was wrong about two big details. I went searching the blogsphere looking for a few of the whacked out accusations from iberal bloggers of the type you still hear about Hilary Clinton and the Vince Foster murder. I did find a few, but not nearly as many as I would have expected. went into the most detail. Heres some of the stuff I learned:

The murder is not technically unsolved. Three Guys named Fat Tony, Little Tony, and Pudgy (I am really not making this up), have been indicted in Florida for the murder.

Adam Kidan, Abramhof's business partner, paid $30,000 (by check no less) to Fat Tony (or maybe it was Little Tony, not sure about that one) about a week before the hit.

Kidan's Mother was murdered in a gangland style hit in New York. Madonna's ex-boyfriend Chris Paciello was convicted of the murder. He's now in witness protection. Not that it's important, but the Madonna connection makes great selatious blogging.

Gambling Boats in America, located mostly in Florida, are totally unregulated, and no background check is required for their operation. There are supposedly a number of organized crime figures involved in the industry, and money laundering is a big part of the business.

Apparently, money laundering was also a big part of Boulis's sandwich chop business, where he made his fortune.

Strangely, some of Abrahamof's business partners in the Casino industry also have strong ties to the religious right. Ben Waldman, another SunCruz executive, ran Pat Robertson's presidential campaign.

Now it really gets weird: Mohammed Atta and at least three of the 9/11 hijackers took a cruise on one of Abrahamof's casino boats less then a week before the terrorist attacks.

Rob Tiller, a former partner of Wally Hilliard, who owned one of the flight schools where the terrorists trained, and who met Mohamed Atta at Hilliard's flight school, took a meeting with Boulis the week before he died. He says Boulis was worried about being whacked.

According to Mad Cow Productions, Boulis was killed in exactly the same manner as Don Aranow, the speed boat captain and reported drug smugler who had been a close personal frined of George H. W. Bush (the day day he gave his famous War on Drugs speech, Bush went saling with Aranow, a reputed associate of Meyer Lansky and suspected drug smugler. Evidence suggests they were close friends).

What amazes me is how little coverage this stuff gets in the mainstream media. Of course there's a connect the dots thing going on. It's all suspicion and inuendo, but that is the stuff of the blog universe. I could here a lot of this stuff coming from Hunter S. Thompson's paranoid mind. But it's all out there. Nightline did mention a bit of it once, aparently, but it needs a thorough going into somewhere other then the blodsphere.

But until then, let's play six degrees of separation for a second:

Bush senior has a Meyer Lansky number of two. He was friends with Aranow, who was an associate of Lansky's.

Ergo, Bush 43 has a Meyer Lansky number of no more then three.

Jack Abramhov has a Mohamed Atta number of three. He knew the whacked guy, Boulis, who knew Hilliard, who met Mohamed Atta.

That means Bush 43 has a Mohamed Atta Number of no more then four, since he knows Jack Abramhof (of cuurse, his number is likely lower then this throught he Bin Ladden familly, but this connection is even more interesting in some ways).

All of these connections, interestingly enough--Bush 41 to Aranow, Abramhov to Boulis, Hilliard to Atta, took place in Florida, the state governed by Jeb Bush.

I'm not a conspiracy nut, and this is all a bit Michael Moore weak for me. I'm a firm believer in Okham's Razor. But this connect the dots game is fun.

Now I suppose I should read Big Wedding. It's sitting on my shelf just waiting for me. :)


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